Marijuana Detox

In its most natural state, marijuana has about 400 chemicals in it. Detox from these chemicals or toxins presents a big challenge to those who want to stop using it. If preference is leaning towards the use of traditional marijuana detox methods,  note that it can be a very long and taxing procedure.

To detox your body of THC, you may do so with water and cranberry juice. You need to drink at least a litre of water every hour and because of this you will be going to the bathroom a lot. On the fifth hour, instead of drinking water, drink a litre of cranberry juice. This will help cleanse your kidneys from THC. You should also start an activity that will cause you to sweat a lot. The easiest form of natural THC detox available is sitting in a sauna. Other methods are running and heavy exercise. Since THC is stored in the fatty tissues, cardiovascular exercises can help. But if you cannot do heavy exercising, simply stick to the sauna. You are required to drink the cranberry juice every 5 hours for 4 consecutive days. High dosages of vitamin C, dandelion tea, garlic, niacin supplements can also hasten the weed detox process.

On the other hand, there are a variety of fast marijuana detox options available, such as pre-mixed formulas containing mixtures of herbs and vitamins of every sort. One may be referred to as the vinegar detox. It is known that apple cider vinegar helps break down fat cells, which is where THC and other marijuana metabolites are stored in the body.

There are many variations of the vinegar detox method. Some call for plain vinegar, while others suggest apple cider or even balsamic vinegar in amounts ranging from two tablespoons to one gallon per day.

The most popular method is the apple cider vinegar detox. To use this technique, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water, stir and drink four times daily for three weeks. Add a tablespoon of agave nectar to taste (optional). Because THC is stored in body fat, overweight people should adjust their intake to four tablespoons of vinegar and 12 ounces of water daily. People 40 or older should also use this increased dosing ratio to account for the slowing of metabolism with age.

To help ensure the success of a vinegar detox, consume as much water as you comfortably can each day. Water serves a dual purpose of washing toxins out of cells and diluting THC levels in the urine. The B-complex vitamins are included in many marijuana detox products for their diuretic properties, which speed detoxification by increasing urine output.

It is expected for a person who is hooked on marijuana to experience a certain stress reaction caused by toxins in the body. Among its many side effects are rapid heart beat, paranoia, attention difficulty, communication problems and health decline. The most common symptom during the period of withdrawal is the craving for its use. Studies have shown that craving for marijuana after years of discontinued consumption can and will recur.

Keep in mind that successful marijuana withdrawal should be done only with a complete understanding of the things that may happen when the body starts to get rid of these drug toxins.

Your determination to quit using marijuana should come from the inside. Never hesitate to go out and spend time with people. This is very important especially after you have quit using marijuana. Be proud that you are going at great lengths to get rid of the addiction. Remain firm with your decision and always look ahead with optimism.