If you need some home remedies for marijuana detox, you’ll have to learn what your body is going through before and after you clean your system. Although marijuana comes from natural plant sources, it takes a lot longer to flush out than chemical based drugs. It contains an element called THC, a fat soluble toxin that attaches to your fat cells and remains in your blood, urine and skin. Complete detox can take anywhere from 30 days and up, depending on how long you’ve been using cannabis. If you’re committed to cleaning up, here are some simple home remedies that can help you detox.

Try herbs, fruits and vegetables

Rule no. 1 with homemade remedies for marijuana detox: heal and help your organs – the kidney and bladder need to be purified right away. Now’s the time to start making herbs your new friend. Parsley is famous for healing the liver, kidney and urinary tract. Fruits and vegetables meanwhile can help boost your immune system. Try water with cranberry juice as well as apple cider vinegar. The cranberry can clean out your urinary tract while apple cider vinegar can speed up fat cell breakdown. Another plus is that fruits and vegetables in general can bring back needed nutrients that your body needs.


Some say it cures everything; aside from giving you more feel good hormones, it eliminates toxins more quickly through the skin. The positive hormones can also help you with withdrawal symptoms like depression or mood swings. At this point, you will need to get somebody to help you stay committed to your home remedies for marijuana detox or you’ll risk falling back into your addiction.